Let's Make Something Beautiful.

Let's Make Something Beautiful.

Custom, High-End Furniture, handcrafted in Kansas City.

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walnut turned leg dining table custom made


walnut coffee table with gold steel base custom made living room furniture




quality. custom. handcrafted.

Growing up, my family made it a point to eat dinner together around our dining table every night. Over the years, I shared all sorts of memories around our table. Whether it was laughing over a story told by my dad, deepening friendships over an intense board game, late-night homework sessions, or talking about life over Saturday morning french toast, the table was a centerpiece of love and community in my family.

As Kathryn and I start our own family, we recognize that houses are made homes through furniture that you can gather around. My hope and motivation in every table I build is that it would be that same centerpiece in your family’s life.

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- Brad Ellis | Founder -