West Side Bench


Quality Hill meets West Side Local.

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Brother to the Quality Hill Dining Table, this bench is another classic. Beyond looking great, we love these benches because of the versatility they bring: fit 5 little ones around it, or bring it into the living room and sip your evening coffee with friends around the fireplace.

Default width of these benches is 15″. If ordering as an add-on product to a dining table, the default length of this bench will be such that it will be able to be scooted in between the legs when not in use. If you have a specific size that you’re looking for, please indicate that in the order notes and we will be happy to build it for you.

The default paint color is Pure White. If you’re ordering this as part of a dining set, we will default to the color that you’re wanting on your table. If you would prefer a different color scheme, please comment in the Order Notes.

If you’d prefer chairs instead of a bench, see our dining chair options here.

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